Lemko & Ukrainian song-book

Polish version

This song-book started to be prepared back in 1993, when I first started to participate in Maluch’s field trips. Whenever people gathered in the club they always tended to sung a lot. In addition to Polish, Lemko and Ukranian songs were also sung, however song-books for them were always hard to find, so we had a hard time learning these songs. Finally I decided to put together a little booklet, containing the most popular ones.

Since then, I added more and more songs into the original booklet, this time including also the sheet music, this was followed with the polyphonic versions of the notes. So the booklet was growing bigger and bigger, so that at this time it has 140 pages. It’s definitely not finished, in fact, I don’t think it will ever be finished, since we are discovering and keep learning new songs all the time. So finally I decided to release it to the public in its current form. Hope you find it interesting and useful.

The latest vesion of the song-book can be downloaded as .pdf files, formatted as follows:

Please email me if you experience any problems with downloading and I’ll email them to you as an attachment. Please submit your comments and observations, along with lyrics/guitar chords/sheet music for those songs that so far have not been included in this collection (this file will be continuously updated). I will be grateful for any comment.

Some of the songs have been published in MIDI format on Tomasz Traczyk’s home page.

You can be informed about each uprade to the song-book. If you want to, click here to find out what you should do.

Those individuals who wish to republish any portion of this collection should acquaint themselves with the rules of use.

The following people participated in creating the song-book: Wojtek Chemijewski (original idea and typesetting), Ola Holda (illustration), Tomasz Traczyk (notes and guitar chords review) and Iwona Kolodziejczyk (corrections). There were many people, who supported us, I especially want to express my thanks to Walter Maksimovich from www.lemko.org and Yuriy Markiv.

I wish you pleasant singing!

Wojtek Chemijewski, updated: January 4th, 2002